The Best USB Audio Interface?(PC and Mac) Audient iD4 Demo

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the winner was Dwaigne Quierra, a lovely Canadian music enthusiast. this will be his first Audio Interface so it will be of great help to him in his future productions :)
Instagram : @sirdwaigne

Today we have teamed up with the lovely folks over at Audient to do a giveaway of their hand crafted iD4 USB interface.
This interface was a true pleasure to use and we wish we could keep it for ourselves. It’s small and elegant design doesn’t giveaway the power inside this little box – a world class preamp and converter. I was surprised by how intuitive it was to operate and how clean the signal was, I had to crank the gain all the way up to hear any audible hiss.

The iD scroll wheel is also a revolutionary feature (no pun intended) and it did add to my workflow in a very positive way.

This is not a paid promotion video, simply teaming up with an awesome company to help spread their amazing gear

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The song featured in the video is here :

The Kit We Use: (and recommend)
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (closed back) and DT 1990 Pro (open backed)
Monitors : KRK Rokit 5 GP3
Interface : Audient iD14 ( iD4 is the best budget option with the same preamp)
Keyboard: M Audio Axiom 49 2nd Gen ( Upgrading to Novation next week)
Microphones: RODE NT 2 A and RODE NT USB (Cannot get better at the price)
Piano VST: Addictive Keys
Drum Samples : In the Mix Sample Pack Vol 1

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