The Best Free Plugins – Mixing + Producing – 2019

In this video I share the best Free Plugins that I am using. All are free and legal. They come in various formats (vst, vst3 etc) and should work in any DAW on Mac and PC.


Acustica Audio Ceil –

Temper –

TDR EQ/Comp/Dynamic EQ –

Softube Saturation –

Auto Panner –

Loudness Meter –

Frequency Analyser –

Acustuica Audio Tan –

▶What Gear Do I Use In My Studio?

These links are the cheapest prices I can find. If you order using them, I will get a small commission to help fund new equipment for the channel :) Thank you

▶DAW (FL Studio 20) USA - UK –

▶Microphone USA – UK –

▶Midi Keyboard USA –

▶Dynaudio Monitors USA – UK -

▶Audio Interface USA - UK –

▶Headphones USA - UK –

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▶Mixing/Mastering services –
▶Channel Designer –
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