How To Sidechain in FL Studio 12 – Kick and Bass Clarity – Fruity limiter

Hello lovely people!
This is one method I use for sidechaining, it’s probably the quickest and most controllable/flexible method in FL Studio 12.
I know that other methods exist however I have been asked for the method I use to get a clear and crisp kick.
Side chaining can be used for creating subtle definition between bass elements or for drastic sound shaping as can be heard in many EDM and Future Bass tracks.

In this tutorial I show how Fruity Limiter can be used as a very simple yet versatile plugin for Sidechaining Kick and Bass (or any two elements). Kick and Bass is/are a big problem area for beginners because they are so critically important to the feel of so many style of music yet it can be hard to reference bass on regular speakers and headphones. Clearing up some of the clashes using side chain compression is a simple and effective way to regain clarity.

For those who are asking, the link to the song being mixed is “SPARKS”, which you can hear here:
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