Mastered a track for Yvonne – Hypnotised

The latest addition to the Romanian music industry is Yvonne and comes with a first single is called hypnotized.

AudiobyRay Online Digital Audio Mastering a track for Yvonne - Hypnotised - Drumbox Production FlyerAt only 16 years, Yvonne has positive energy and hope to pass this thing that everyone will be curious to hear his debut single, “hypnotized”!Drum Box Production and concept is presented by Yvonne SUPERCHILL announcing that she wants to be a complex artist with a whole team for this project, including 8 dancers, 2 producers, a project manager and many percussionists.


Debut song is “hypnotized” was produced by Octav Paul a listen below!

Drum Box Productions is an independent production house that promotes young talents. ” The first single produced by new band Hara – “Totaya Ye” feat. Mister M (vocalist Drum Box Production) give enjoyed nationwide success! We believe that Yvonne will make a good figure and that will have a lasting career, even internationally! We have a lot of confidence in it! 

How about pustoaicei appearance and her image? Enter the music industry right?