Mastering a track for Party Rock Anthem (Luke-R & Valentino Original Bootleg) – LMFAO

Party Rock Anthem (Luke-R & Valentino Bootleg) EXCLUSIVE BOOTLEG-PACK

The concept of this idea is based on the original mix, which we don’t like at all because of the
dirty climax within. We came up with an idea to edit the tune, because it’s well-known and the breaks
are very nice. Luke-R & Valentino went to the studio and built this sort of festival-bomb.
We’re absolutely sure that, there are more people than just us who doesn’t like the original mix and
will drop this edit!

All the rights of the original mix belong to Paragon Music, who released the original EP
All the rights of the bootleg mixes belong to Luke-R (Loek van der Grinten) and Valentino (Valentin Siefers), The Netherlands.

This bootlegpack is mastered by
This bootleg pack is officially supported by Vitamine Hit Station –
Artwork is made by Julien Hommes, Vitamine Hit Station

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Title: Party Rock Anthem
Artist: LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett, Goonrock
Mixes inside:
01. Party Rock Anthem (Luke-R & Valentino Original Bootleg)  – 06:43
02. Party Rock Anthem (Luke-R & Valentino Radio/Club Edit)   – 03:18