Mastered a track for – Martyn Green – The Force (Original Mix)

Martyn Green was only ten years old when he notices that he is crazy about music. His first purchase was a casettebandje own music of his idol Michael Jackson. He turns “Thriller” completely gray. It is Martyn’s first steps in pop music. Then hiphop turn. At a friend’s house, he sees a turntable and a tape recorder. He knows: Here I must do something about it!

Martyn Green collects crazy-music-everything nailed down and saves considerably. In 1989 he bought his coveted finally, own DJ. There he never let go of. As running, spinning, scratching and transformt he already more than twenty years many kinds of music. He develops into an all-round Dj with strong technical skills.

House Music
Then the house music, Martyn now also focuses on self-producing music. The result of all these years of experience, you can now include listening to DJ Martyn Green’s Soundcloud (link:

As an experienced DJ-producer makes it all official remixes for various (international) artists. These remixes find their way to iTunes, Beatport and other digital music channels and stores.

Free bootlegs
In the future you will see DJ Martyn Green with passion run at festivals in your area. Can not wait? Look below for a variety of free bootlegs / remixes of the best hits.

DJ Martyn Green bookings
Are you organizing a party and you think Martyn right for your audience fits? Inquire about the possibilities DJ Martyn Green your party upside to convert!

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