Mastering a track for Marvel Child – The Catacomb (Original Mix)

Marvel Child is a dj/producer and a house music lover. He has discovered his talent late in the 90’s. At that time he was a huge fan of the classic house tunes. Inspiration came from some great house classic DJ’s and producers like Little Louis Vega, Jay Dee, Kenny Dope, David Morales and MAW, to name a few. He decided to give a try to spin some records in some small clubs in Hurghada/Egypt. His motivation, inspiration and the love of music made him want to prove that he deserved to stand behind the wheel of steel and to impress the crowd. Determination made that after some months he got his biggest chance by being a resident DJ in one of the most famous clubs in Hurghada in that time.

There he developed his skills and enhanced his feeling for the music. He got the opportunity to play side by side with some well known DJ’s who have big names in the club scene. The crowd’s reactions made him realize that he can compete with all of them. After that he got residency in another club with a big name in the nightlife scene. Playing there with national and international DJ’s like Sonique, Bodyrox, Lucien foort , Fedde Le Grand to name a few and behind the decks at Ministry Of Sound, Pacha has helped him professionalizing his performance. But he just can’t get enough! Always looking for new experiences and seeking knowledge. He moved to the Netherlands to find and discover. After a while djing across Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Germany and side by side with big names like Fedde Le grand, Funk D, Don Diablo, Gregor Salto to name a few, he decides to take his career as a DJ to another level, producing his own music. The year 2010 another big step is taken. He started his own record label: ProSession Recordings. Releasing his first record God’s Love Followed by Musickness supported by djs around the globe. This is just the beginning of much more to come. Watch him.