Stereo Mastering A Pop Track

Music Credit: Lonely by Chris Martines –

Mastering music has always been seen as something of a dark art and even a secret of the industry pros. The tools available to everyone now makes getting pro results much easier to achieve, which is why more and more people are mastering their own music.

The video below is a full walkthrough of me mastering an electronic pop song called ‘Lonely by Chris Martines’. I had previously mastered this awesome track in April 2017, but with the artists consent, I’m remastering it now to show YOU how I approach stereo mastering. A stereo master can take me anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete, but I’ve condensed this video into 20 minutes to keep it fast paced.

Hopefully you’ll pick up a few tips and tricks to use in your next project.


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