Download Free Trial Here: This video walks you through the features of the mixing and metering plugin ‘LEVELS’ created by Mastering The Mix. WHY WE CREATED LEVELS At Mastering The Mix, producers were constantly sending me mixes with the same reoccurring technical issues. I was repeating myself during phone conversations with new and existing clients about how to get a technically excellent final mix. This information isn’t some kind of secret sauce that I only give to my paying customers. It’s a simple yet crucial checklist that many people overlook in the final stages of their mix. The majority of these people weren’t using metering plugins because they are difficult to understand and can smother creativity. It seemed to me there was a vacuum in the market for a producer friendly plugin that had all the tools to get a great final mix and master. Software developer 29 Palms joined Mastering The Mix and we developed our concept for a revolutionary metering plugin that would be incredibly easy to read and understand. The visuals on LEVELS are engaging and informative without being intimidating. The plugin will only draw your attention to elements that need fixing, which makes the user experience completely unique. Our goal was to make assessing technical information as painless and enjoyable as possible. A piece of software will never replace an audio engineer as a great pair of ears are irreplaceable. LEVELS will empower producers and songwriters of all standards to accurately assess the technical details of their mix, helping them to make more informed mixing decisions. Finally, an effective, efficient, intuitive, engaging, and accurate metering plugin!

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Mastering The Mix focuses on creating faultlessly accurate tools with intuitive design and engaging visuals. Buy Levels Plugins here via, feel free to download demo trial versions before you buy.