How to Mix a Song from Start to Finish | iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1

Mixing an entire track can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video, we break down the most important steps in mixing a track. Learn how to import and organize your tracks and get them to a good level balance. Then dive into best practices for mixing each core part of a typical mix: your drums, bass, guitars, synths and vocals, all before polishing the final mix into a rough master.

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Table of Contents:

1:05 – Importing tracks and understanding level balance
3:25 – Introduction to the Visual Mixer
4:30 – Choosing your Focuses for Balance
6:10 – Reclassifying instruments and using the group sliders in Balance
7:30 – Bypassing Mix Assistant’s default result and tweaking the group sliders
10:55 – Organizing the tracks in your session
12:00 – *Mixing Drums*
13:00 – Using Track Enhance to jumpstart kick drum mixing
16:00- Molding a kick drum with Sculptor
18:30 – Using the Masking Meter to remove muddiness between percussive elements
23:58 – Adding reverb to rimshots
25:38 – Mixing a snare drum with Sculptor
27:40 – Taming hi-hats and mixing bells
31:45 – *Mixing Bass*
33:43 – Using Track Enhance to jumpstart bass synth mixing
36:53 – Using dynamic sidechaining to unmask the bass synth from the kick drum
40:54 – *Mixing Guitars*
41:45 – Using Sculptor’s Targets to fit guitars into the mix
44:50 – *Mixing Synths*
45:00 – Tackling resonance and broadband issues in analog synths with Neutron 3
49:42 – *Mixing Vocals*
50:26 – Using Nectar to mix a lead rap vocal
53:02 – Using Auto Level Mode in Nectar to automatically gain-ride a vocal
55:56 – Quickly processing ad libs with presets in Nectar 3
59:19 – Mixing and panning chorus and verse vocal doubles with Nectar 3 and Visual Mixer
1:07:58 – Drum bus processing with Sculptor
1:11:21 – *Mastering the track*
1:12:09 – Using Master Assistant to jumpstart the mastering process
1:17:33 – Using Tonal Balance Control to ensure track translatability
1:20:00 – Addressing tonal imbalances using Ozone and Tonal Balance Control

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