Who is Never Say Die artists

  • Adrian Beateq.
  • Bone N Skin.
  • DC Breaks.
  • Dodge & Fuski.
  • Eptic.
  • Freestylers.
  • Matta.
  • Skism.

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What genre is never say die?

Where did the phrase never say die come from?

According to Concise Oxford English Dictionary, one says “never say die … to encourage someone not to give up hope”. It functions literally as a reply to a statement such as “we are all going to die”, expressing hopelessness in the face of a deadly situation.

What does the phrase Never Say Die mean?

If you have a neversaydie attitude, you don’t give up or get discouraged, no matter what. People love a neversaydie spirit because it describes people or teams that just don’t quit. Unless they die, then they can’t say it anymore.