What is the NAICS code for XL Recordings?

The NAICS codes for XL Recordings are [713, 71]. This company is a Limited Liability Company and its classification code is 713. The second number in the classification refers to what type of company they are; this one being an S Corporation with assets of $5-$25 million.

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What is the SIC code for XL Recordings?

XL Recordings has two SIC codes: 7929 and 792.

Where is XL Recordings based?

XL Recordings is based in London, Greater London. This company was formed by Richard Russell and Tim Palmer with the goal of putting out records that are daring but not experimental or obscure. XL also does a lot of reissues and compilations for major artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan among others – over 3 dozen to be precise!

How many people are employed at XL Recordings?

There about 45 people work at XL Recordings.

Who is the Head of Press of XL Recordings?

Jon Wilkinson, the Head of Press at XL Recordings in London, United Kingdom is a University educated man who has been working with press relations for over 18 years. During his time at Technique Publicity he developed an expertise in publicizing artist and band music to help them gain greater exposure on radio stations such as BBC Radio 1. Jon’s clients include Daft Punk (French House), Foals (Rock/Punk) and Primal Scream (Grunge). In 2003 He also started managing publicity campaigns for The Rolling Stones UK tour that year including News International’s “Who Are You?” campaign which ran before every TV programme broadcast across ITV1-4 channels between July 2005 – April 2006.”

Who is the Head of Creative and Marketing of XL Recordings?

Scott Wright is the Head of Creative and Marketing for XL Recordings. Scott’s role includes design, art direction, marketing strategy development and execution across all platforms; including physical product distribution (CDs/vinyl), digital music sales & streaming services such as iTunes or Spotify, merchandise licensing to third parties through their online store www.xlrecordingsstore.com and other retail outlets around the world like Urban Outfitters in North America & HMV UK among others.”

Who is the Head of Social and Marketing Content of XL Recordings?

Dan Coyle is the Head of Social and Marketing Content for XL Recordings.
He’s an American from Chicago who studied journalism at Northwestern University, where he was editor-in-chief of his university paper. He started a blog in 2009 to cover music industry news called “The Altered Sound,” which led him to work as Managing Editor at Pitchfork Media before joining XL Records in 2012

Where is XL Recordings located?

XL Recording is a London based record label established in 1989

Who founded XL Recordings

XL Recordings is a British independent record label founded in 1989 by Tim Palmer and Nick Halkes. It is run and co-owned by Richard Russell since 1996.

Who is Richard Russel?

Richard Russell (born March 18, 1971) is an English record producer and the owner of British record label XL Recordings.

Who is XL Recordings?

XL Recordings is a British independent record label founded in 1989 by Tim Palmer and Nick Halkes. It is run and co-owned by Richard Russell since 1996. It forms part of the Beggars Group. … The label releases albums worldwide and operates across a range of genres.