Vengeance Producer Suite – Multiband Sidechain official video

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About Vengeance

Manuel Schleis is the producer and mastermind behind Vengeance-Sound. Facing electronic music quite early (C-64, Amiga Series), finally reaching Cubase has been a quite journey.

Nowadays his professional studio is highly equipped with everything you might desire for top-notch sound design – which again has been quite a ride: starting with patch creation for own purposes he gained special attention when releasing a soundset on the Access Music website. Starting from there, it’s become almost impossible to count the work he did on enumerous synthesizers, be it hard- or software, for reknowned companies like Roland, Waldorf, Propellerhead or reFX.

No time to rest – the Vengeance Sample Series were up: together with his friend and colleague Manuel Reuter (Cascada) he deliveres top notch dance sounds and so much more to the EDM producers, next to a mastering service, the development of the ROM synthesizer “Nexus” together with reFX, and lately a VST effect and mastering plugin series together with Rene Keilwerth.

Besides his work as a sounddesigner and developer, Manuel also is a well known producer (see discography) with a long history of releases and remixes for the “big guys”. Last but not least he also works from time to time as a tutor for modern dance production techniques (for example Roland Synth2Sound Tour, SAE, Frankfurt Musikmesse).

Vengeance Producer Suite – Multiband Sidechain official video

You’re into pumpin’ house music, always struggeling with getting the right sidechaining to work in your track? It’s never been easier: the Vengeance Sound Multiband Sidechain plugin offers smooth, high quality and irresistibly pumping sidechaining by a very few clicks. For your ultimate convenience and a clean sound spectrum, you can split your sound into 2 bands and use different setting on each of them, thereby e. g. keeping the bass area clean and adding creative dirt to the higher frequencies. Furthermore, 32 powerful presets by Manuel Schleis will offer you a professional basis – and the fact that audio signals, midi notes or host sync can work as the sidechain trigger makes it just too easy. You got to love this!

– VST / PC and PowerMac / Intel Mac VST / AU & RTAS – runs in all compatible hosts

– comes with 32 powerful and pumpin’ dance presets by Manuel Schleis
– total control over 2 independent sidechain channels (Low and Hi)

– 3 filter types to separate the bands: digital, notch and steep

– high quality 2 band EQ with smooth FFT in the background
– unique grafic interface (exact display of the audible sidechain effect)
– feely configurable main display with 8 predefined scenes
– free choice: you can trigger the sidechain with Audio signals, Midi notes or host sync
– New: Version 2.5 – with many new features and new engine
– also includes the plugin “VPS Transmitter” and “VPS MidiBay” to route audio or MIDI

Pentium III 800Mhz
Windows 2k/XP/Vista/Win7
VST 2.4 or higher compliant host

full RTAS support!

IntelMac 1.5Ghz
Mac OSX 10.5.8
VST 2.4 or higher or AU compliant host
full RTAS support!

Vengeance Producer Suite – Multiband Sidechain official video

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Vengeance Producer Suite – Multiband Sidechain official video

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