refx Nexus Expansion – Millenium Pop

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About Vengeance

Manuel Schleis is the producer and mastermind behind Vengeance-Sound. Facing electronic music quite early (C-64, Amiga Series), finally reaching Cubase has been a quite journey.

Nowadays his professional studio is highly equipped with everything you might desire for top-notch sound design – which again has been quite a ride: starting with patch creation for own purposes he gained special attention when releasing a soundset on the Access Music website. Starting from there, it’s become almost impossible to count the work he did on enumerous synthesizers, be it hard- or software, for reknowned companies like Roland, Waldorf, Propellerhead or reFX.

No time to rest – the Vengeance Sample Series were up: together with his friend and colleague Manuel Reuter (Cascada) he deliveres top notch dance sounds and so much more to the EDM producers, next to a mastering service, the development of the ROM synthesizer “Nexus” together with reFX, and lately a VST effect and mastering plugin series together with Rene Keilwerth.

Besides his work as a sounddesigner and developer, Manuel also is a well known producer (see discography) with a long history of releases and remixes for the “big guys”. Last but not least he also works from time to time as a tutor for modern dance production techniques (for example Roland Synth2Sound Tour, SAE, Frankfurt Musikmesse).

refx Nexus Expansion – Millenium Pop

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refx Nexus Expansion – Millenium Pop

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refx Nexus Expansion – Millenium Pop

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