Ableton Template – Trance – Stratus by Christopher Gilroy

Plugins Used
2c – aether reverb
A.O.M. Invisible Limiter
Sylenth 1
Tone2 warmverb
psp vintage warmer

Stratus is an Original track i made that i released on Addictive Sounds label, the track got supported by Markus Schulz and many other well respected djs and producers, if you would like to know the techniques i used to create the track here is your chance, i haven’t edited the track in any way so what you get is exactly the same as the version released last year. Hope this can help you with your future productions
Product Specs
26 channels in total with some channels grouped for percussion, bass, leads and effects
the project is made up of midi tracks and vst synths for synth sounds, some audio samples/loops on tracks for percussive elements and ableton samplers to trigger percussion’s via midi, i make good use of the return channels for reverb and delay effects

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