Zenhiser brings you this new library called Trance Synths 2

Trance Synths 2

Trance Synths 2 is absolutely crammed packed full of trance hooks for classic trance, melodic trance, progressive trance, tech trance and anything in between. There’s 99 trance hooks in the pack, all stripped down so you can use as mush or as little of each hook, that’s a total of 457 trance loops. Each of the samples is supplied with the bpm and key information in the filename for ease of use and on top of that we’ve supplied the midi for each loop so you can amend, change the sound, flip notes, do exactly what you want to each loop to make it your own.Zenhiser’s back with the ultimate trance sequel Trance Synths 2. There’s no question in our minds Trance Synths 1 was the pinnacle in trance synth hooks, there is no other sample pack that has touched on so many quality, high end trance synth loops so our mission was to hammer the trance market and create two of these sample packs that would simply blow your trance mind. We literally locked one our producers in the studio, he emerged six months later with a beard and a sample pack that deserved it’s title as the Second Coming!

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Synths

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Please Note: This sample pack only contains the synth parts including leads, pads and basslines. Drums and FX have been used for demo purposes only.

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Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Progressive House and Trance

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Trance Synths 2

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