Wave Alchemy brings you this new library called Future Chill & Cinematic

Future Chill & Cinematic

Blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic, this unique concept delivers endless inspiration for forward-thinking electronic music production and film scores alike, boasting 1.2 GB of essential audio gold!A genre-breaking journey through emotive, organic sound, Future Chill & Cinematic fuses seductive Future Chill beats and growling analogue bass with cinematic strings, emotional pianos, found sound percussion and dreamy soundscapes…

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Chillout

If you are producing Chillout, here you can find also more Chillout presets and/or sample packs

Expect to find quirky Chill Step drums, dusty glitch-laced beats & found sound, cinematic pianos, epic harps & koto, emotional strings, dirty subs, liquid synths and mutated orchestral elements…

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Cinematic , Downtempo, Electronica, and FX

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Future Chill & Cinematic