Sample Magic brings you this new library called SM127 Lo-Fi Pop

SM127 Lo-Fi Pop

Containing:Ambient melodics and lo-fi beats for modern Pop productions. Lush, futuristic and cinematic – this collection embodies the tape-saturated bliss of timeless synths and contemporary hits. Over 1.3GB of warm, evolving pads, cassette-warped leads, drum machined beats, cityscape atmospheres and bit crushed guitar licks for future lo-fi classics.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Synthwave
Quickly scroll through 30 chord samples from a range of vintage analogue and digital sources.With dirty, unstable and driven filters for fat and resonant sweeps, as well as surgical sonic filtering to dial in some analogue flavour.
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Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are
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From vinyl sampling, through tasteful saturation and all the way up to aggressive brickwall limiting, add some authentic ’80s feel with gritty sampling emulation, or opt for full on 8-bit madness that would make Mario blush.

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Add some extra wonkiness and instability to your sound with the tremolo dial. Create interesting textures and FX by varying the rate.

Not happy with the range? Want to change key? Easily shift the pitch of your whole sequence with the pitch dial.

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SM127 Lo-Fi Pop

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