Sample Magic brings you this new library called SM White Label – Jackin Techno

SM White Label - Jackin Techno

Processing ToolsPacked full of basement ready rhythms and gritty industrial atmosphere, Jackin Techno is equally inspired by Detroit and Berlin. Featuring over 400MB of thick processed kicks, valve-injected sub bass riffs, atmospheric loops, raw synth stabs and underground impact FX, loops are rendered at 131 BPM and with custom one-shot racks for Ableton Live. The ultimate sample pack for jackin techno tools.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Techno
Raw HP/LP Filters > Nasty, driven, unstable and resonant filtering for that authentic menacing techno timbre.
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Bass/Synth Selector > Choose your raw source audio with the sample selector, and start playing and tweaking immediately.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are
Drive Flavour > Scour through a range of overdrive and distortion options. From suave saturation all the way to super-hot brickwall madness; you are sure to find the right flavour to fit your track.

Pump > Add some aggression to your sequences with the Pump tool.

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Reverb Dry/Wet > Give depth and ambience to your synths by dialling in some reverb.

Tweakable Delay > Rinsed out delay, reminiscant of an old analogue favourite. Pop open the rack for extra tweakability.

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SM White Label – Jackin Techno

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