RV Samplepacks brings you this new library called Thomas Penton Main Room Arps & Sequences

Thomas Penton Main Room Arps & Sequences

Thomas Penton returns with an incredible collection of 100 inspirational arpeggio loops using a mixture of soft synths and hardware legends. Each loop comes in three distinct flavours, firstly the Dry Loop version for producers who want to add their own effects, then the Wet loop version which use Thomas’s superb engineering skills to sculpt and produce the sounds with high quality plugins including EQ, Reverbs and Delays and finally for the MIDI loop version which allow producers to completely customise the sequences and use their favourite synths.RV Samples proudly present a stunning collection of entrancing arpeggios and euphoric synth sequences featuring long evolving loops stems for your progressive House, EDM, House or Trance productions.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Progressive House
Thomas Penton has established himself as a premier DJ and producer in the electronic music industry with an incredible back catalogue of releases on some of the finest Dance labels across the globe.
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Designed for the Main Room recorded at 128BPM in 24Bit 44.1 KHz expect to find 1.6 GB of Wav Loops and MIDI with 100 Dry Loops, 100 Wet Loops and 100 MIDI files each of the wet loops also contain tails on the end of the loops so the effects added fade out completely.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are EDM, House, and Trance

Thomas delivers the goods once again with another killer collection of must have production tools for every producer, so crank up the demo and sample Thomas Penton – Arps and Sequences NOW!.

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Thomas Penton Main Room Arps & Sequences