Push Button Bang brings you this new library called Tribal Tech

Tribal Tech

This unparalleled collection features 330 interlocking house percussion and FX loops, which can be seamlessly interchanged to create literally thousands of tribal orientated rhythmic progressions.Tribal Tech blends the ancient rhythms of the worlds indigenous cultures with future audio processing to create a truly original house tempo groove library.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Classic House
The versatile content gives you freedom to create in a huge number of ways: take a couple of minimal elements to form a base groove for your track, or layer, level and pan multiple loops to create a unique drumming circle in seconds… the choice is yours.
If you are producing Classic House, here you can find also more Classic House presets and/or sample packs

Utilising drums and percussion instruments from every continent, combined with special effects from another planet, Tribal Tech has been designed to bridge the gap between nature and machine.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Afro Latin, Drums, Percussion, World, Sound Archives, Club Archive, and Tribal House
Blurring the lines between played and processed, past and present,Tribal Tech will ignite your rhythmic journeys into future flavoured tribal house and beyond.

As normal with a Push Button Bang release, the loops are high-quality 24-bit, kick-free at a multi-genre friendly 128 bpm, with both wav and rex formats supplied as standard.

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Tribal Tech