Push Button Bang brings you this new library called Big Balkan Drops

Big Balkan Drops

These days music is global and electronic dance music has replaced older forms of auditory tradition in popular culture. However, the use of simple Eastern European folk melodies and scales is in evidence in some of the biggest hits in modern EDM.The musical history of Eastern Europe is replete with examples of simple folk melodies capturing the imaginations of generations of peoples.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly EDM
The collection features 60 expertly programmed modern EDM midi sequences using traditional, folk and gypsy scales from eastern Europe, reminiscent of midi patterns used in productions for labels such as Armada or Spinnin records.
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Push button bang bring you this special program of exclusive midi, delivering Big EDM Drops using traditional Balkan melodies and scales.

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Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Electro, Electro House, Hard Dance, Progressive House, Tech House, and Techno
Also included are 60 wav evolving example stems, for you to use as is, later with your own midi or chop, as wav cuts and breaks or just for easy auditioning. All files are root note mapped with default root notes in the most common EDM keys.

All melodies are created as monophonic hooks and can be used as basslines, hoover style leads, pluck lines or with whatever style sound you think best works for your production. All midi files are at least 16 bars in length with multiple changes, usually at least 4 changes in the sequence, with end bar changes on every 4 or 8 and/or two different, complimentary 8 bar progressions in one file.

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Download Big Balkan Drops now and get ready to create some huge EDM hits with a classic Balkan feel.

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Big Balkan Drops

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