Julez Jadon brings you this new library called Rusty Tools: Alternative Kit

Rusty Tools: Alternative Kit

Rusty Tools: The Alternative Drum Kit Vol. I Overview:The purpose of “Rusty Tools: The Alternative Drum Kit Vol. I” is to add more spices to your daily production. While fitting smoothly into any genre you can use these tools to start from scratch or to complete your production. The mix between recorded drums/percussion and innovative sound design makes this kit your go-to tool to get your production “outside-the-box”.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Trap
144 samples in total
If you are producing Trap, here you can find also more Trap presets and/or sample packs

24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW’s e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, Reason, MASCHINE, Logic, FL Studio…)

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Hip-Hop and Urban
This drum kit features sounds recorded accurately from a vintage Ludwig drum kit layered with modern drum sounds. To complete the kit we’ve added several other sources like an old TV, random sounds recorded in a kitchen, several chains & metal pieces.

Production process:

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Rusty Tools: Alternative Kit

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