Industrial Strength brings you this new library called Chill Trap + Future R&B

Chill Trap + Future R&B

Chill Trap & Future R&B features a serious collection of 24 Bit License Free samples for you to dive into. All the sample included will work in any Daw. The pack offers up 6 loaded Kits, all keyed up and tempo marked for ease of use. This new collection offers a nice selection of Drum loops, Deep Pads and Keys to keep you going for days. Everything you hear in the Demo is in the pack and more.Industrial Strength Samples is ready to give you a heavy dose of Brooklyn Chill Trap and Future R&B.This fantastic sample collection is loaded up with essential elements of deep inspiration for you to create your next Chilled out production or remix.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Trap
This latest Industrial Strength Sample collection was produced by Vast Audio who also produced loads of our top selling titles such as Smoking Hip Hop, Dubstep Massive, Hip Hop Massive, Textures, Lazor, Vocal House Massive andmany more.
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The pack also includes dirty Drumshots to make your own beats. We also tossed in a dope set of Apple Loops so u can instantly change the Tempo and Key of the audio while using Apple’s Logic Daw. Chill Trap & Future R&B included Trippie Vocals, Wicked Sub Bass, and busy Top Loops for you to mangle up your way.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Downtempo, RnB, and Urban
Deep Brooklyn Included.

If your looking for a versatile collection of Chilled out Kits with loads of inspiration then our newest collection for Chill Trap and Future R&B is going to be right on point.

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Chill Trap + Future R&B

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