HY2ROGEN brings you this new library called 24 Preset Packs

24 Preset Packs

Get down to a whopping 24 synth preset packs featuring custom tailored sounds for popular virtual synthesizers such as Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Native Instruments Massive, Reveal Sound Spire, Cakewalk Z3TA+2 and reFX Vanguard.Stepping in the footprints of the successful bundle pack “12000 One Shots”, HY2ROGEN returns with another saving opportunity, delivering all his synthesizer presets in one release.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly EDM
Get a bigger sound by stacking both presets and different synthesizers all together. A really good combination would be Spire + Sylenth1 in generating anything from filthy basslines, huge ear-melting leads to melodic plucks, chords and additives. Add a little compression, saturation and EQ to taste and you are all good to go!
If you are producing EDM, here you can find also more EDM presets and/or sample packs

This collection features a mixture of EDM sounds going from electro house, progressive house, future/deep/wobble/tech house, trap and even dubstep, making this a must-have collection in your preset library.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Dubstep, Electro House, Progressive House, and Trap
To break it down even further, you will find an estimate number of 821 bass presets, 799 lead presets, 684 pluck presets and 55 various misc presets (FX, Drums, Chords, etc.).

What you get is 2359 patches for the upper mentioned virtual synthesizers that consist of 1313 Sylenth1 presets, 835 Massive presets, 245 Spire presets, 86 Z3TA+2 presets and 80 Vanguard presets.

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Remember to stack your synths and sounds for fuller, wider and “jumping out of the speakers” tones!

The package includes the following: EDM Massive Soundset, EDM Sylenth1 Soundset, EDM Spire Soundset, Deep Future House Massive Bass, Trapped Sylenth1, Deep House Spire Presets, EDM Sylenth1 Leads, EDM Massive Plucks, EDM Massive Presets, Massive Leads, Sylenth1 Plucks, Sylenth1 Leads, Massive Bass, Sylenth1 Wobble Bass, Massive Soundset 1-3, Z3TA+2 Soundset, Sylenth1 Soundset 1-5, Vanguard Soundset.

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24 Preset Packs