Famous Audio brings you this new library called Trap Vox

Trap Vox

This pack features a killer selection of pitched, glitched and fx processed vocal loops to add a mutated human twist to your rhythm track.Looking for fresh vox for your next Trap hits? Keep your eyes open and your ears awake for this one! “Trap Vox” is here waiting to be discovered.

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The music genre for this product collection is mainly Vocals
This pack is not only dedicated to be used for TRAP but equally suited to be combined with Dubstep, Electro-break, DnB and many other styles..
If you are producing Vocals, here you can find also more Vocals presets and/or sample packs

“Trap Vox” includes 100 heavily pitched, totally chopped-up trap vocal loops providing everything from tasty toplines to beat building rhythm-rockers. Contains 230 Mb of content featuring 100 insane vocal loops at 140 Bpm all loops recorded at 24 bit quality.

Additional production style(s) for this collection is/are Hip-Hop, Trap, and Urban
Please Note: This is vocal only pack and the drum sounds in this demo are taken from Freaky Loops’ “Trap Drums”

Just listen the demos and you will be convinced..

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Trap Vox

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