This is the Dreamy – Akira Remix Contest

This is your chance to you show your music production skills and creativity with this remix competition organized by Soul Waves Music

The music genre is Trance

The closing date for this remix competition will be Sat 14 Mar 2015

Listen here to the orginal version of Dreamy – Akira which you may remix!

How it works

  • Download the remixpack here
  • Produce and create your stuning remix.
  • Consider to get it mastered here, to get the best result and let your remix stand out directly again the other submissions.
  • Submit your entry through the submission links which will be available on this page.

What prices to win

The 2 best remixes will be released on Soul Waves Music with free promotion and support by at least 2 Radio shows on If they see the track is good enough but needs mixing and mastering, their mastering engineer will do it for free.

Get your remix for Dreamy – Akira Mastered

Here at AudiobyRay mastering we understand the importance of mastering, the  final step in which we polish and enhance  your track(s) before submitting them for the remix contest.

What are the rules for the remix competition

Winners will be selected by Soul Waves Music team, No free download allowed but 3mins preview is permitted, all genres accepted.


The remix pack can be downloaded from here. Completed remixes should be uploaded as a 320kbps MP3 in rar file on SendSpace or or a SoundCloud private link and send the link to

Click here for the remix contest link



Dreamy – Akira

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