Who is Matthew Weiss?

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Who is Matthew Weiss?


Who is Matthew Weiss?

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Transcript Excerpt:

Hey, folks. Matthew Weiss here. Weiss-sound.com, theproaudiofiles.com, mixingwitheq.com, and whole bunch of other dot coms.

This video blog… I hope that you learn something from it, but I’m not sure what you’re going to learn.

Basically, I just wanted to tell sort of my personal story to give you guys a context of who I am and where I’m coming from, and I think that if you are in particular a producer or a mixing engineer, and you’re trying to get into this business and make a living doing it, then there’s probably something that you can glean from all of that.

So, I started in the world of music. It’s hard for me to draw lines, because I’ve always been interested in it for a long time. I come from a very musical family. My dad was a bass player, my step-mother was a singer, my mother was a sculptor. I mean, I guess that’s artistic, it’s not necessarily musical. My sister would basically play every instrument in the world, and even built some of her own, which is pretty cool.

Middle school, I started doing sound for the plays. I remember the very first middle school play I worked on, I shocked myself really, really badly on the sound board. It felt like a small alligator had bit my fingers, and I cried like a little sissy, and it was awesome. It was just – from that moment, I just knew that I really enjoyed working with sound. [laughs]

Once I got into high school, I started making a lot of hip-hop beats, and I was just making them off of this little Roland Groove Machine 303, which is actually a cool little box. I wish I still had it. But in order to make my own beats, I would have to mix them, and it wasn’t really long following that when I started recording rappers and mixing the beats down.

Two things sort of happened at the same time from there. One was that I got into college, and in order to be in college, I needed a job, and the best job on campus was the sound department, and that paid as much as $12 an hour, which back in 2002 was really good money for a college job especially.

So I went there, and within the first year, the head of the sound department actually quit, and I took over as the head. So while I was there, I did all of the concert recordings, a lot of jazz band recordings, and did the sound tech for all of the artists that were stopping through, and it was really cool.

During the summers, I had linked up with a rap group back in Philadelphia, and I started doing production for those guys, and was mixing and recording a lot during that time. So by the time I was out of college, I was already pretty immersed in the world of sound, and I sort of knew already at that point that I wanted to take that on as my professional life, which I think is more advantageous than most people’s stories, because most people don’t figure out what they’re really doing until I think after undergrad.

But maybe I’m wrong about that, I don’t know. I never went to grad school. My grad school, I guess, was going off to New York to work with another Pro Audio Files writer now, actually, named Mark Marshall, who was the first person who really gave me a serious internship/assistantship position, and I say slash assistantship, because it was technically non-paid, but there were definitely some gigs where he was paying me, which was really cool.

Then I started basically following around a woman named Denise Barbarito who I met at an AES convention. She was awesome and took me into a bunch of studio sessions and helped me sort of get a formalized understanding of what the heck I was doing, because I was still just sort of playing it by ear, and trying to figure it all out.

Then I ended up going back to Philadelphia, and I had decided that I wanted to built up my own client reel, so I was going to do that by any means possible, and that meant even if I really loved a band, that meant even paying for studio time myself in order to engineer their work, which I don’t know about the wisdom of that, but it ended up working out, because I took a really, really great jazz band to a studio that was run by a guy named Bobby Eli, who was one of the guitar players and writers and producers for the whole Philly sound movement back in the 70’s.

He was a member of MFSB. If you remember those guys, if not, their music is so good. Anyway, he has his own little personal studio, and I took a session in there, and we did maybe three days of tracking, and I just asked him if I could just do the tracking myself, and I just said, “I understand that this is probably unconventional, but this is what I want to do for a living, so why don’t you just sit back, hang out, relax, and I’ll do all of the work, even though these guys and myself are paying for it.”


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Who is Matthew Weiss?

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Who is Matthew Weiss?

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