Q&A with David Glenn: Mastering

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Q&A with David Glenn: Mastering


Q&A with David Glenn: Mastering

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A response to a subscriber question:

Wazzup Mr. Glenn!

Looking forward to the podcast! I really enjoyed the interview you did over at the HRW show, very inspiring how you’ve arrived where you’re at and the way you manage to make music professionally (in a home studio environment).

My Questions:

I know that you do your mastering on the master fader in you mix sessions, I was curious how you handle an Album or an EP for mastering. Do you still master the same way? And if so, how do you make the tracks cohesive and balanced (against each other) when/if you master each track in isolation?

I know that you check your mixes on different speakers, but — seeing as you are mixing primarily on headphones — i was curious whether you ever do a part of your mixflow while listening in mono? I’d like to think that my mixing improved when i started mixing in mono, but I’ve also noticed a discrepancy between the home studio tutors and the big name professionals that intrigues me. The home studio teachers often swear by mono mixing, while guys like Andrew Schepps, CLA and Dave Pensado state quite clearly that they don’t give a rats ass about mono…. I mean what’s up with that!? 0_o

Thanks for what probably will be a good show! 🙂

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Q&A with David Glenn: Mastering

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Q&A with David Glenn: Mastering

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