Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Murs

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Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Murs


Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Murs

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A before and after comparison of the Murs vocal mixing walkthrough in Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Advanced Techniques.

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In our Mixing Rap Vocals tutorial you’ll learn how to:

– Mix great sounding rap vocals that cut through the mix
– Use EQ to clean up and enhance rap vocals in a mix
– Use compression to control shape, tone and dynamics in the mix
– Create mind-bending rap vocal ambience with reverb and delay
– Use automation to add energy and emotion to your vocal mix
– Fix a poorly recorded closet vocal
– Make rap vocals sound larger than life
– Identify and enhance key frequencies with EQ
– Compress vocals for better tone and dynamics

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Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Murs

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Mixing Rap Vocals 2: Murs

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