Introducing: Mixing Drums with Compression

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Introducing: Mixing Drums with Compression

Hey folks, Matthew Weiss here —,, and I’d like to introduce

a new tutorial to you.

It’s called Mixing Drums with Compression,
which I know, is an oddly specific title,

but that is exactly what the tutorial is about.

So the way this tutorial came about was originally,
I was going to do this as a workshop, and

for those who are not familiar with my workshop
series, those are tutorials that are shorter

and in very specific topics, but what I found
while I was constructing this tutorial was

that there’s so many different techniques
and approaches and concepts that I use when

I’m looking at dynamically shaping drums,
that it just had to be a full length.

So it’s a full length!

The tutorial is divided into two separate
sections, the first focuses on live acoustic

drums, the second one is programmed sampled

I wanted to make sure that I had both in there,
because I approach the two so differently,

I felt it would be a really informative contrast
to see how I’m — you know, what techniques

I’m using for one, versus what techniques
I’m using for another.

The other thing that I really think is cool
about putting them both in there is that a

lot of our modern production does incorporate
both sampled drums, as well as live drums.

So it’s very comprehensive in that regard.

It’s also a very technique heavy course.

There’s a lot of my own personal techniques
that I showcase in there that are sometimes

maybe a little bit on the advanced side, but
I think presented in a clear enough way where

even if you don’t have a ton of experience,
you’ll still be able to figure out what I’m


Anyway, it’s a great tutorial, I’m really
proud of it, I think that anybody watching

this, whether you’re doing rock music, or
you’re doing pop music, or you’re doing Hip

Hop, or you’re doing EDM, you’re going to
get a lot out of both sides of the tutorial,

and yeah, I just can’t say enough good things
about it, so I hope you’ll check it out, I

hope you enjoy it, I hope you learn a lot,
and I’ll catch you next time!

Introducing: Mixing Drums with Compression

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Introducing: Mixing Drums with Compression

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Introducing: Mixing Drums with Compression

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