Brainworx bx_refinement [Analyzing Mixing Plugins]

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Brainworx bx_refinement [Analyzing Mixing Plugins]


Brainworx bx_refinement [Analyzing Mixing Plugins]

The first video in a new series on analyzing effects. This one covers the Brainworx bx_refinement harshness control plugin.

Overview of bx_refinement from Brainworx:

The Harshness Control allows you to eliminate unpleasant high frequencies from complex signals and mixes. bx_refinement’s intuitive controls let you adjust various aspects of the sound with ease. Based on M/S (Mid/Side) processing, it imparts a tube-like analog smoothness and is a boon for mix engineers looking to tame unpleasant digital harshness on individual tracks.

*Add Tube-like Tone*

bx_refinement is not an emulation of a certain tube sound. Instead, it combines several characteristics found in ultra-musical tube-based equipment to give you an effective tool that is easy to operate. As you tweak the bx_refinement controls, the tube graphic gives you precise visual feedback showing you how intensely the process is being applied. Simply look at the tube’s glow and you’ll see how much, how fast, and how dynamic the plugin is affecting the signal.

*Easily Target Problem Areas*

With powerful, simple controls, bx_refinement allows you to quickly identify and discard offending frequencies. The core of bx_refinement is its Damping Control, which features a dynamic peak band EQ to reduce harsh frequencies. The Solo Filter button lets you listen to only the frequencies you’re removing, while the Soft/Hard function sets the character of the processing.

*Dynamic Flexibility*

Implement the oscillation option to create nice warming effects. You can adjust the speed of the oscillator with the duration knob, and even sync it to your DAW’s tempo to emphasize rhythmic aspects of your mix or master. The bx_refinement is a processor that will truly stand alone in your sonic toolkit.


– Reduces harshness and breathes life into recordings

– Dynamic or modulation-based damping of unwanted frequencies

– Soft & hard damping provide second order filtering and higher order filtering respectively

– Solo filter allows you to hear just what you’re removing from the recording

– Subtle saturation and presence controls enhance the material without changing its character

– Independent processing of Mid and Side channels in M/S recordings

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Brainworx bx_refinement [Analyzing Mixing Plugins]

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Brainworx bx_refinement [Analyzing Mixing Plugins]

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