A-Z Music Production Series: Introducing Arthur G

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A-Z Music Production Series: Introducing Arthur G

Hey, what’s up guys?

David Glenn of davidglennrecording.com and

If you’ve been with us for a little bit, you
may remember I announced a free A-Z music

production series with my buddy, Jeris Cole,
we’re going to take and we have Cole, we listened

to some of his songs, and Water Under the
Bridge won the vote, that’s still going to

be coming your way, but man, I really don’t
want to let this linger anymore.

We’ve had some schedule conflicts, and Jeris
has since been engaged, and he’s got a lot

going on in his world right now, so we’re
going to fast forward to my buddy, Arthur

G, and feature his new song, it’s called,
“The Sky’s Grace,” and I’m going to be

producing a church EP for them.Live recording,
a live worship night, all this cool stuff,

and that’s coming this summer.

I’m going to record and document that process
and share it with you as well here at The

Pro Audio Files and at David Glenn Recording,
but right now, we’re going to focus in on

a radio single that he’s brought to me, and
I just heard it for the first time last night.

We played through some chords, showed me the
lyrics, showed me the basic melody and everything

he’s got.

He’s trusting me, one of my good friends,
to produce this song from A-Z, and so I’m

going to document that, do tutorials along
the way, and then if you’re not familiar with

how I announced it with Jeris, every step
of the way, every time we record something,

be it bass, drums, guitarists, keys, horns,
whatever, you’re going to get access to those

files over at davidglennrecording.com, and
I’ll put the link in the description, but

every step of the way, you’re going to be
able to actually download those.

So if you’re a guitar player and you want
to get rid of our guitars and do your own

thing, by all means, you can do that.

You can download the drums if you are a beat
producer, or a drummer, and you want to do

your own drums, then ditch ours, and record
your own.

Maybe you’re a full producer.

You do production A-Z, you’re a keys and guitar
player and you do it all.

Then you can take our scratch track and build
a song around the scratch track.

The only stipulation is you cannot sell it.

You can use it for your resume, you can produce
it through and through and send it out to

your friends and family, you can market your
services with it, enjoy the process.

I want to bring this to you for resume building,
portfolio building, and then to experience

the process, A-Z.

So we appreciate you playing by the rules,
and from there, we’re going to move into showing

you the song.

I’m going to talk a little bit about the reference.

I’m going to re-record the scratch acoustic,
add some dynamics and do my thing to it, and

then we’re going to host an interview with
my co-producer, Victor Encarnacion, and my

engineer friend Neil Devereaux, and then we’ve
got Arthur G, who’s the artist, and we’re

going to be doing a Skype call talking about
the song, and then we’re just going to go

step by step through the entire process.

I’ve got some arrangement concerns, I’ve got
some lyrical suggestions, I’ve got some melody


We’ve got a lot of work to do.

This is the very first step, so without talking
too much more, here we go.

This is a couple snippets of the song.

This is called Disguised Grace, by Arthur

[song plays]


So, just kind

of give you guys a little introduction, you’re
going to be able to download these at the

link in the description below.

Just to kind of give you a quick snippet,
there we go, we kind of introduced the song

to you.

The first thing that I want to address is
we’ve got a lot of work to do, and the reference

he gave me for this song is not something
we’re trying to nail or stick to, just a song

that he digs that’s kind of hot right now
from Hillsong United called touch the sky,

and so the production is actually kind of
cool, I was digging it.

It’s got that ambient vibe, got a bit of a
drum loop thing going on, it builds and does

it’s thing.

I’m going to play a snippet of that one now.

Here we go.

[song plays]

I’m going to fast forward out here.

[song plays]

Okay, one more little section.

[song plays]

Very cool.

Pretty unique, interesting vocal arrangement

I love her voice, very cool.

I love the production, I think it’s a nice

I’ve got some ideas of my own, I know Vic
is going to have some, Arthur is going to

have some more suggestions after that, but
there you kind of have an introduction to


The next video, I’m going to walk you through
myself, re-recording the scratch acoustic

and talking about some of the arrangement
things that I hear personally, and then I’m

going to make those files available to you
– actually, they will already be available

by the time you’re watching this video, and
you can check that out.

Davidglennrecording.com, and here we go.

I’m excited, I hope you guys are too.

I hope you find value in this.

The A-Z series music production series from
David Glenn Recording.

Thanks again!

A-Z Music Production Series: Introducing Arthur G

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The first video in the free A-Z Music Production Series from David Glenn where he takes a song all the way from scratch track demo to finished master.

Stay tuned for more. Two more videos coming tonight (4/12).

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A-Z Music Production Series: Introducing Arthur G

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