Mixing & Mastering – High End Vs Stock Plugins with Ian Bland – Mixing Vocals Using Stock Plugins

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back veteran dance music producer Ian Bland for an in-depth course in Mixing and Mastering.

Using stems from ‘Back To The Flow’, a track he released under his ‘Maverick’ guise, Ian shares the techniques he’s fine-tuned over the 25 years he’s been producing hit records.

Throughout this tutorial, Ian uses both high-end plugins that emulate classic hardware used in professional studios, along with Logic Pro’s own stock plugins – similar to those found in any DAW, to give us a masterclass in achieving perfect end results whether you’re on a budget or not.

With tips on how to fine tune the compression, eq, panning, stereo spread and everything in between, this course demonstrates all the tools you can use (both expensive and the more accessible) to help your tracks shine and prepare them for both a club environment and an online release.

Check it out and get your tunes sounding more polished than ever!