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How To Make Deep Tech House With Vince Watson – Playing Chords

Arriving on the dance scene of the early 90s with high hopes, endless ambitions and a stunning technical proficiency, Watson first became known as DJ Psycho, producing a radical blend of gabba basspower and sped-up breakbeats. Since then, he has increasingly lived out his full musicality, a process which has now culminated in Serene, the first release under his Vincent I. Watson alias and a seamless blend of beguiling soundscapes, crystaline piano-pulses, anthemic synth-melodies and 70s krautrock-moods.

Today however Vince takes us on a journey from start to finish, on how to create a melodic Deep Tech / House Techno track using Ableton Live. So sit hit play, sit back and prepare yourselves for a deep insight into his ‘techno’cal mind.