How To Make Space Disco with Paolo Mojo – Intro and Playthrough

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Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back underground house scene legend Paolo Mojo for an all-new course in How To Make Space Disco.

Using Logic Pro, Paolo shares his wisdom and production techniques while creating this track that has earned him global success in the industry. Influenced by the likes of Nu-Disco master Lindstrøm , Todd Terje, Prins Thomas and Vitalic he starts with the lead and moves on to bass, drums, pads, chords, and effects, and finishes off with the arrangement and mastering.

This detailed course lasting well over 3 hours will take you step by step through the process of creating a super slick, synth-heavy track playing not only melodies and perpetually motive basslines, but shimmering arpeggios and layers of silky chords and pads – all with a stomping disco beat.
In one sense, it’s very retro, but in another, it has an awesome contemporary feel.