How To Make Groovy Techno with Christian Vance – Play through and Intro

Sonic Academy welcomes back Christian Vance for another amazing course. Christain produced one of the highest rated courses on the site this year, and we just had to ask him back for an end of year blowout. Here he delivers a stormin ‘How To Make Groovy Techno’ His trademark darkness gets a lift with a funky element bassline and pounding drums. We watch as Christian goes through in detail his project setup, programmes a monster techno kick in Kick 2 and then creates bass layers using ANA to add a groovy drive to the track. As is usual, this is a no-nonsense, straight to the point course, that delivers on learning, tips tricks and wicked production techniques!

Here we get the low down on the course and get to listen to the track we are about to make.