Techno Samples & Loops – Akkya Elements 01

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Techno Samples & Loops – Akkya Elements 01

Techno Samples & Loops – Akkya Elements 01.

Producer Akkya brings Elements 001, a deep and driving Techno pack. Presented by Industrial Strength Samples, these Elements are primed for Techno, Ambient, Abstract, and Electronica producers.

This pack is loaded with just under a gig of propulsive bass grooves, syncopated percussion and deep drum loops, sweeping top loops, and hypnotic music loops

Build fresh beats and tracks with a full stock of ear-catching one shots, including pulsing kicks, cracking snares, and extra-crisp hi-hats.

Akkya’s Elements takes sample packs into the Dj arena and beyond. This forward thinking pack features 3 NI Traktor Decks chock full of cutting edge loops and sounds so you can create live sounding tracks while Djing your favorite tracks in Tracktor.

You can Mix, Remix, Effect, Mash and explore NI’s Traktor like never before. Get ready for the future of Djing as a powerful selection of samples are set for live application. Lock and Load samples into the Decks of this powerful DJ software to create transitions between songs, and ride loops over your favorite tracks for on-the-fly mixing.

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Techno Samples & Loops – Akkya Elements 01

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Techno Samples & Loops – Akkya Elements 01

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